What can we learn from creators who use different mediums to tell their stories and grow their audience?

December 2022

How successful creators combine by copying / transforming, assembling, and collaborating.

August 2022

Why do creators need to scale themselves? How do successful creators scale?

May 2022

What does it mean to know your audience, and how do creators use that knowledge?
What details do creators / creatives care about, and why.
Lessons we can apply to be consistent in our own lives

March 2022

Community is a key differentiator for creators. Why is that, and why do creators struggle with it?

August 2021

Takeaways from years of PMIng at big tech companies.

July 2021

Creator Economy News
What is Facebook's Bulletin offering? How should Substack respond?

June 2021

Streaming apps costs households as much as cable bundles.
Bundling and unbundling for creators, consumers, and companies.