"How to post your Substack on a FB page" - that's the search term that led me to this post - just an fyi. I know you wrote this in July, so I'm wondering what your thoughts are now, especially on whether Substack is going to help promote all writers, or just go for the money with established writers. I did run across Lenny's newsletter some time ago....and yes, he is doing a few things outside of Substack to provide more value to his readers....he now has a job board, he has a place where he promotes 'coaches'....and I didn't know about the Slack server, but that makes sense.

I've been thinking about the problem and I keep coming up with the need to provide something outside just the articles. I've been publishing weekly since April, 2021, for frame of reference. I'm getting ready to launch a 2nd newsletter, unrelated to my first and with more opportunity to generate revenue, but I'm holding back trying to figure out a revenue strategy.

Also wondered if you have heard of Mighty Networks. They provide a lot of perks for members, but it costs money to set on up and I don't know that there are any SEO benefits. They are really designed for niche communities.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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